About Us

The concept of the vulnerable child is a superfluity because children by their nature, whether in the slums or in the cosy comfort of their parents’ opulence, are vulnerable. It is therefore double jeopardy and aggravated tragedy for a child to be weak, deprived and poorly defended. This is possibly why the World Bank OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) Toolkit views vulnerability as “a high probability of a negative outcome”. The idea is that some children are simply more vulnerable than others.


The TACF has taken up the crusade to fight the cause of the vulnerable child through its 5-point agenda, the ultimate being helping them to navigate life and find purpose therefor. There is a life assignment for every human, whether resident in the ghetto or the castle, the shanty or the villa. It is tragic for any human to traverse life under-utilised in terms of his full potential. Vulnerable children are at greater risk. TACF is an intervention.


We shall deploy every available capital – human, social and financial to ensuring the vulnerable child finds succour, while collaborating with individuals, institutions and partners that share similar vision, making the world a better place for them to live.

Our Vision

Facilitate sustainable intervention for the vulnerable child.

Our Mission

To support the cause of vulnerable children through a passionate deployment of the principles of social entrepreneurship wrapped around a 5-point agenda viz:


  1. To cater for the physiological needs of the vulnerable child who is deprived of the basic necessities of life like food, education, clothing etc;


  1. To give attention to the physically challenged child in society;


  1. To promote child rights advocacy for children who are abused, raped, trafficked or otherwise violated;


  1. To promote and support the rights of women with a view to supporting motherhood and responsible child-upbringing;


  1. To promote self-actualization of the vulnerable child to ensure they sufficiently attain their ultimate potential in life. Every child encountered must discover purpose.